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Answers to frequently asked questions and resources to help you use STREMECODER and STREMECODER Live.

Creating a New Node

Written tutorial on how to create a new node in STREMECODER and STREMECODER Live.

Creating a Simple Program

Written tutorial that goes through how to make a simple program in STREMECODER and STREMECODER Live.

Tutorial Series for Beginners

Video Tutorial Series that walks you through the steps of creating a simple program in STREMECODER and STREMECODER Live. (Entire series coming soon!)

Video Introduction to STREMECODER

Video tutorial with a general overview of how to work with nodes in STREMECODER and STREMECODER Live.

Editing a Blank Node

Video tutorial explaining the basics of editing a blank node STREMECODER and STREMECODER Live.

Coming Soon!
Passing Data Between Nodes

Video tutorial showing how you can pass data from one node to another in STREMECODER and STREMECODER Live.

Coming Soon!
Compiling and Running your Program

Video tutorial showing how to compile and run the programs you create in STREMECODER and STREMECODER Live.

Coming Soon!
Saving Your STREMECODER Program

Video tutorial explaing how to save your STREMECODER and STREMECODER Live koi files.

Coming Soon!

Move your Project into STREMECODER
Whether you have a simple algorithm or a complex UI involving web toolkits, you can leverage STREMECODER to organize and optimize your code. You will save an incredible number of development hours moving your project to STREMECODER.  

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