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our online node based Python IDE.


Getting started with STREMECODER


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Creating a new node in STREMECODER

Click here for a written tutorial on creating a new node and adding in your python code.

Resources To Help You:

Check out our FAQ page.

GitHub Page

The GitHub page from the creator of StremeCoder contains programs written in StremeCoder for you to try and nodes you can download and use for your own programs.

Written Tutorials

Tutorial on how to create a new node.

Tutorial on creating a simple project in StremeCoder.

Video Tutorials

Our YouTube channel contains tutorials on how to use StremeCoder.

Watch our tutorial series to help beginners get started with StremeCoder.

The StremeCoder subreddit

Join our subreddit, see examples, post any questions or exciting projects you've been working on! 

Talk to the Developers on Discord

Join our discord community to talk directly with the developers of StremeCoder.


StremeCoder is meant to make your Python algorithms readable to anyone. You should keep in mind these guidelines when you are designing and sharing your algorithms:

  • Generate Descriptive Node Names. The name of the node is what will be displayed on the StremeCoder canvas so you want the node name to explain to coders and non-coders the main function of your node. 

  • Document Each Node as you begin to use it. Each node in StremeCoder has a fully markdown capable description area where you can describe the functionality of your node and everything required to get it to work for future developers who might use your node. 

  • Make your code modular. A Node that can be used by ANYONE is significantly more valuable than a Node that can only be used in your algorithm

  • A Beautiful Koi (Node Graph) is elegant and can be read like a story of reasonable functions

  • Maintain, when possible, the functional flow of StremeCoder. That is avoid placing functions and classes outside of your node functions unless no other solution is possible.

  • When adding to kwargs[Settings] enclosing your dictionary items inside a very specific subname will avoid collisions with other nodes you may download on the internet or if you choose to make your node available to others, like in the example below:

    • kwargs[Settings][LabNameNumber][SettingVariable]

Use The StremeCoder Canvas To Your Best Advantage

  • We intend for you to use the Canvas as real workspace.

  • You can zoom out of the canvas (CTRL +/- and CTRL Mouse wheel) and hide nodes you want to use later. Don't worry about a messy canvas when you are working. Having extra parts is useful when you are editing and duplicating nodes.


Our recommended workflow for sharing algorithms

  • Generate a Sketch of different nodes that take you from an input through analysis to a final output.

  • Export that sketch to your client/team members as either a Koi or as an image in an email.

  • Once everyone is in agreement with the flow of the algorithm, code the algorithm in StremeCoder.

  • Update the descriptions by filling out the documentation template.

  • You can also upload your nodes to github, sending your koi or python files to your client/other team members


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Move your Project into StremeCoder
Whether you have a simple algorithm or a complex UI involving web toolkits, you can leverage StremeCoder to organize and optimize your code. You will save an incredible number of development hours moving your project to StremeCoder.  

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